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Bollywood Dance Class Truro Cornwall
Bollywood Dance Classes in Truro


Dates: 12th, 19th & 26th March 2024

Time: 7-8pm

Cost: £7 (cash or BACS on arrival)

Location: New Beginnings Association Community Centre, Albany Road, Malabar, Truro, TR1 3PQ

About Bollywood Dance Fitness Classes:
Doors open at 6.30pm you are welcome to come early and get situated, relax and ask any questions.
The class starts with alignment and mobilsation of the body, breathing and easy yoga postures. Each Indian Dance move is taught slowly and repeated, building content and finally put to a specific Bollywood or Bhangra track. Each week we practice 2-3 choreographies which build strength, flexibility, alignment and an overall feeling of improved wellbeing.
The class finishes with some Classical Indian Dance moves using the upper body, and a simple Hatha Yoga sequence. All capabilities welcome!
I have over 18 years experience in teaching weekly classes for all ages and abilities. Every movement taught can be adapted for each individuals needs.
Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and can move freely. Barefeet or light weight trousers.
Herbal tea available at 6.30pm for early arrivals!
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Falmouth Bollywood Classes
Bollywood Dance Classes in Falmouth


Dates: 21/09/23, 28/09/23, 05/10/23, 12/10/23, 19/10/2023  4.30- 5.30pm   

Cost: £10 per Family / £6 Per Adult with Child / £5 per Person  

 About Bollywood Dance for Families:                                                                         If you are looking for a fun way to dance, do yoga and be creative with your children, come to Bollywood Dance at the Sky barn!
Learn some basic Bollywood moves with colorful scarves, tell stories with your body with yoga and enjoy some arts and crafts activities. They can make their own deity crown, tiger or peacock mask, and dress up in colourful scarves as ‘saris’. Free bindis for everyone at each session. We also provide hula hoops and henna art on the lawn outside weather permitting for some extra fun at the end of each class.     

 An opportunity to learn Yoga, Indian Dance and be creative in a beautiful natural location. A perfect activity for family and friends.                                  Chyan is a beautiful location with a stream nearby in a landscape of trees. A perfect place to have a picnic after the Bollywood Dance. Weather permitting, we invite you to take your time and enjoy the surroundings, while we can enjoy the balmy Autumn evenings 🍂🍁
Each week will have a different theme. Come on an adventure with Charlotte of InspirAsian Dance at Chyan near Penryn. Walk along the path amongst the trees and follow the fairy lights to the Skybarn Studio.


BOOK Bollywood using the Online Form:                                                                   https://forms.office.com/r/Fm04ruHR54



Bollywood Dance Workshop

beginner / Intermediate | 2 hours

Date + Time: 8th October 2023, 10am-12pm     Location: MBD Studio, PL27 7FE
                                                                                                                                    Cost: £20 per Adult / £10 per Child
                                                                                                                                      About Diwali Dancing:
This is set to be a beautiful, soulful Bollywood Dance Workshop with Charlotte of InspirAsian Dance. Learn about DIWALI the Hindu Festival of Lights. Storytelling  of the Ramayana through dance uses themes for dance routines such as: Rama and Sita living in the Forest, Flying Sita, Bhangra Monkey Army and I believe in Love Dance.
Tell stories with Mudras and Deity poses  that are pure Classical Indian Dance. Kathak (Northern Indian Classical Dance) uses memerising hand and arm movements which are taught step by step. Feel energised with Yoga at the beginning and end of the session. Bring a water bottle, mat and a long floaty scarf. Dress up welcome. Suitable for adults & kids 7yrs+   

BOOKINGS through Lisa of MBD Studio. Email: info@mindbodydance.co.uk

Silent Yoga & Dance Rhythms

event / workshop | 2 hours

Date + Time: 22nd October 2023, 2-4pm              Location: Chyan, TR10 9BT

Cost: £15 per Adult / £5 per Child

About Silent Yoga & Dance Rhythms:                                                           Headsets and music provided by Babu of Human Rhythms. Guided Yoga by InspirAsian which leads into learning simple dance choreography. Gradually build dance and yoga movement vocabulary to specific feel good tracks. Babu and Charlotte would like to invite you to join us, in a totally immersive experience of auditory wonderments. We also allow time for you to move freely and go on an exploration, if the mood takes you. The headsets have a great range and there is space to roam.                                                               This interactive session will take place at Chyan. Either indoors in the Apple Barn, or outdoors weather permitting. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Chyan with music, yoga and dance. Yoga mats provided or bring your own. Suitable for all ages.                                  

BOOKINGS through Charlotte: InspirAsianDance@gmail.com