Henna art

Henna artist for events

Charlotte is a passionate henna artist who applies temporary tattoos using natural dye from the henna plant. She can create intricate designs on various parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, arms, and back. Henna art is a popular form of adornment in many cultures, especially in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

I got married in May 2019 in Windsor, Berkshire and everything was organised well in advance, except for my henna artist! Bridal henna takes a few hours to do so I wanted someone I knew so I could enjoy that time with them. Charlotte kindly offered and a couple of nights before the big day we opened a bottle of prosecco and she did both of my hands. We had a relaxed time together and she made me feel at ease throughout. The end result was exquisite and lots of people commented on how nice my henna looked! I would highly recommend. 


About Me

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I have always had a creative flair and interest in arts & crafts, since I was young, which I passed on to my two daughters. I first came across henna (known as Mehndi) on my first trip to India and fell in love with it. I have since done it for family and friends and gained confidence when one of my best friends asked me to do it for her wedding day! I love doing henna art for festivals, parties, and other special occasions. Ideal for anyone who wants to decorate their skin with beautiful patterns. I like to think I have a good eye for detail and a steady hand, but most of all I am familiar with the cultural significance of henna art, yet respect the preferences of my clients.