Indian Dance and Yoga for Education

“I absolutely love the enthusiasm and excitement that teaching Indian Dance in Schools brings. Whether it’s back-to-back workshops working with each class or visiting weekly with a particular focus on a classroom based topic, it brings much joy.

  Teaching in educational settings for over 15 years has enabled me to explore many themes with a wide range of abilities. 

From Early Years right up to teaching in Universities, Indian Dance is extremely versatile.”

Half or full day workshops 

Educational Workshops

Classical Indian Kathak, Bollywood and Bhangra dance workshops with positive outcomes for students of all ages including:

  • Increased awareness of South Asian culture
  • Connection to Religious Studies such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism
  • Enhanced physical & mental wellbeing
  • Improved creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Workshops available for specialist SEND settings
  • Workshops available for Early Years as well as Further Education in Performing Arts.

Schools in Cornwall need Diversity & Inclusion Resources

 The Cornwall Census of 2021 revealed that 96.8% of the population in Cornwall belonged to the Caucasian ethnic group. This poses a significant challenge for Equality and Diversity and limits the availability of diversity resources in Schools in Cornwall. 

One way to address this challenge is to offer Indian Dance Workshops in Secondary Schools, which can have various positive outcomes for students, to aid their academic and recreational learning.

What to expect in an Indian Dance Workshop for Educational Settings


 Firstly I introduce myself and give three different greetings belonging to each faith: Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.

The theme of the session is discussed and a brief demonstration of Classical Indian Dance is performed in full traditional costume.

Pupils are then led through a brief Yoga Warm-up that follows imagery of India.

Sequences of Indian Dance are taught step by step, with explanations of each move and repeated. 

I gradually lead the children to learn a whole choreography which is is practiced with lot’s of encouragement. Each class can learn a different dance to show the varying styles of Indian Dance from various regions such as The Punjab, Gujurat, Jaipur and Bombay.

Children can be creative and explore their own story through dance for a short section in the final dance.

Poses of Yoga are embellished to portray Indian statues.

An end of day assembly presenting each classes dance is led by myself to enable the children to perform to an audience (optional).





“Charlotte has taught many workshops at our school, allowing the
children to embrace diversity through storytelling and dance. Her
focus, knowledge and understanding of the cultures and stories she
teaches enables all children to perform with confidence. Charlotte is
a breath of fresh air; her laugh and smile makes our school a better
place! Her positivity creates a safe learning space where all
movements and ideas contribute towards a final dance performance. Our
staff and parents can’t believe how quickly Charlotte creates whole
class dances, telling stories and giving the children empathy and an
understanding of cultures and religions.”

Abigail Squibb

Headteacher of Marlborough School, Falmouth, Cornwall.

Training and Qualifications:

BA Hons Dance and Related Arts

ISTD Grade 4 Kathak


NVQ3 Early Years Education

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

STA Safeguarding

STA First Aid

Public Liability Insurance