Yoga with Charlotte


1) Join Charlotte for 1-1 Hatha Yoga on Loe Beach or Boscawen Park in Cornwall, for upto 3 people = £30 per session or £100 for a block of 4. 

2) Group of 10 for 1.5hrs = £70.


Charlotte is an experienced Hatha Yoga instructor, who is available for wellbeing events, festivals and retreats. Price available on request.


Charlotte is a qualified Yoga Teacher in Hatha Yoga and taught for ten consecutive years in a Yoga Studio in Truro: ‘Hot Yoga’ and ‘Yoga for Backs.’ She has also provided workshops at a number of festivals, events and retreats across the South-West including ‘The Eden Project,’ ‘The Zen Den’, ‘The Great Estate’ and ‘Rock Oyster’ festivals in Cornwall.

Charlotte brings her Indian dance experience into her Yoga classes, focussing on posture, alignment and mindfulness. She gently guides people of all ages and abilities to explore their body, to develop strength, fitness and flexibility. Suitable for anyone with or without health conditions. 

Her bespoke sessions can be tailored to the individual, small group or large group of upto 10 people. Her sessions can be conducted in person (Cornwall) or online. 


Yoga is a holistic discipline that can enhance your well-being in various ways. No matter where you decide to practice it, whether in a studio, on a beach or in a park, you will experience positive effects on your body and mind. Yoga can help you improve your posture, flexibility, strength, balance and breathing. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Charlotte’s style of Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and can be adapted to your personal needs and goals.

Yoga for strength
Yoga for balance
Yoga for flexibility
Yoga for posture
Yoga for discipline
Yoga for mindfulness


Upto 3 people


Charlotte invites you to join her for a personalised Yoga session. She will guide you through various poses that are suitable for all abilities. You will learn how to improve your posture, alignment and core strength with her careful instruction. Whether you are new to Yoga or have practiced it for years, you will benefit from Charlotte’s comprehensive approach.

Upto 10 people


Charlotte offers a unique way to celebrate any occasion with your friends. You can enjoy a yoga class tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose the location, from the beach to the park, or even your own home. If you need a venue or studio, Charlotte can arrange that as well. The class will include a series of postures, breath work and relaxation, for you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.